Ceramic membrane microfiltration pilot plant
Ceramic membrane microfiltration pilot plant

The new ceramic membrane microfiltration plant model T from GEA Filtration provides accurate test Ceramic membrane microfiltration pilot plant results, with reliable scale-up to full production, for applications throughout dairy, pharmaceutical, food and industrial applications. The test unit is ideal for bacterial and spore removal from skim milk and whey, or for protein fractionation in skim milk and fat removal from whey.

The plant produces accurate results that are replicated during full production. To achieve this GEA has taken great care in the plant's design. All the plant's components and instruments have been carefully chosen to provide maximum safety and accuracy. The product feed uses a positive displacement pump to minimize product damage and limit the addition of heat. All sample points are of the rubber plug type allowing samples to be extracted using sterilized syringes.

PLC control makes it easy to use with only a single operator required for initial set up. The PLC then controls base line pressure, circulation flow, permeate and retentate, and operating temperatures. Before delivery, GEA Filtration will configure the plant precisely to match the application. Detailed operating instructions are provided or, if preferred, GEA Filtration will perform the tests on customers' behalf. The plant is supplied on a wheeled skid for easy positioning ready to plug into an electrical outlet. It is designed for continuous operation and automatic CIP (Cleaning in Place).

GEA Filtration offers the pilot plant for lease or sale. It is inherently flexible, being suitable for a wide range of applications, and is supplied with additional components for individual adjustments to the test runs: 3 ceramic membranes, various sizes of pump impellers, frequency converters, cones for control valves, etc.

This pilot plant is supplemented by a wide range of other GEA Filtration pilot plants available at application centres in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand - each individually designed for optimum performance in a wide range of membrane filtration applications.

The new Ceramic Microfiltration Pilot Plant can be viewed at the GEA Filtration stand at ANUGA (K10, Hall 10.1).

GEA Filtration is a world leader in cross-flow membrane filtration, with reverse osmosis and nano-,ultra-, and microfiltration as core technologies.

GEA Filtration is part of the GEA group and has application centres in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark.

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